PoPs does not sell you flies that do not work. These flies catch saltwater fish inshore on the Texas Gulf Coast.

PoPs FAMOUS FLOUNDER FLYFamous PoP flounder fly

The Famous Flounder Fly put PoPs custom flies on the map. It’s a simple color combo that was stolen from the conventional fishermen, implements the heavy eye weight, and beats those doormat flounder into submission. One of the hardest inshore fish on a fly’s life, but like all PoPs flies Guaranteed to last!

And here’s a video on how to tie a deadly redfish fly that PoP named the “Redfish Meth Fly” because it’s deadlier than crack.

The REDFISH METH FLY is $6-usd. You can get a SIX PACK for $30-usd. The redfish crack fly is $5-usd. each.