DOUBLE BUNNYdouble bunny fly pops fly shop shannon drawe photographyfishing fly double bunny texas bass fly shannon drawe photographyDouble Bunny Bass Worm Fly
The Double Bunny (DB) Bass Fly by PoP. A killer fly that outfishes the plastic worm crowd every time! A single DB is $5-usd. You can purchase 5 and the 6th. is free! Stinger  Size 1/0 – standard. Guaranteed to last!

Bass are beasts, of that there is no doubt. And that is why PoP builds his bass flies to ballistic standards. They don’t just catch one bass, they catch dozens. PoP still spends a lot of hours riding with freshwater bass tournament pros – just so he can translate conventional techniques and baits into killer fly patterns. PoP passes along the techniques at the Texas Fly Caster website, and you can watch videos on how to tie your own bass flies at the YouTube channel – Texas Fly Caster.

ALL DAYS CLOUSERSClouser fishing fly
All day Clouser assortments. Dark / Grey / White = all lighting conditions. PoPs has you covered, and a three-pack runs $12-usd.  Size #4 – standard. Guaranteed to last!

RATTLE EYE CLOUSERRattle Eye Clouser for Bass
The Rattle Eye Clouser prospecting fly is here! PoP ties all his flies to run right, and that’s a big claim when it comes to balancing rattle eyes! $4.75-usd each. Size #4 – standard. Guaranteed to last!

THE RATTLE EYE CLOUSER is a fly that finds fish. Or, do the fish find it? That little extra noise spells vicious strikes. Who says bass don’t have feelings? In this case feelings of violent anger. If it’s a slower day, PoP always goes prospecting with the RATTLE. Costs a little more due to labor, but saves a ton of average days. Custom colors are available in orders of 6 or greater (same unique color).