PoP Says Time to Change Your Knots

Fly fishing knots need to change for the seasons

Do you ever wonder which knot to tie to give the right action to your fly? Well, it’s really not that complicated.

The most active eating weeks / months for fish require the most active fly knot. What is an “active fly knot?”

An active fly knot is one that gives a PoPs fly more action. Feel Free To Think, when fish are more active, they are chasing bait that is, for sheer survival, more active, right?

So as the activity shows itself to be heading toward its peak, you want to switch from any cinching knot — to your favorite loop knot.

The loop knots, always impart more action to a fly. And, they just make more sense to a fish that would pursue that fly! Add to the knot a change in the retrieve speed, and it may JUST BE the ticket for more takes of your PoPs flies.

And don’t forget to change one OR the other meaning: Keep a tight knot and change the retrieve speed, or keep the retrieve speed and change the knot. These are the days when you might have to experiment to find the SPEED, ACTION and DEPTH for the fish you are looking for!