New Products Arriving Daily

We have new products in the store, and are open for cyber business! Remember, when you are looking at PoP’s products – they are either made by PoP, or field tested and approved by PoP. No exceptions whatsoever.

PoP is always looking for new products, and leads on new products, so be sure to let us know if you’ve seen anything worthy of PoPs Fly Shop. The standard is set pretty high, but we are always interested in carrying unique flies by individuals here in the USA. Consider it a chance to bring your best designs to the masses.

If you have a product that is a fly fishing “gadget” you want to patent, promote or wholesale – let us know. Maybe we can get you going with some early sales income. After all, we know how expensive patents can be!

Fly Shop Construction Begins

So Pop is working hard this winter to blast off his new online fly shop. You won’t have to wait much longer for items to start appearing. Be patient whippersnappers! Pop is a very busy person with lots of irons (pronounced arns) in the fire.