EVIL HYBRID FLYHybrid Bass Fly Clouser

The Hybrid Clouser penetrates angry hybrid mouths and holds! $6-usd. each. Guaranteed to last!

PoPs world was rocked when he finally figured out what the mighty mean thumb chomping hybrid bass wanted to eat, and MOST IMPORTANT how to keep these beasts buttoned. You can get lucky for sure, and catch a 10-pound hybrid on a typical fly, but you’re more likely to lose it than land it. UNLESS you use the Tiemco 600-SP hook. Tiemco makes this hook from pure evil. It’s wickedly sharp, and expensive. Instead of catching a hybrid by the skin of the roof of his mouth, THIS HOOK GOES THROUGH AND STICKS! (PoP leaves out the details of what the hook does, because it’s too gruesome for a “G” rating!) Guaranteed to last!

Texas Fly Fishing Flies That Fish Eat

pop fly caught this largemouth bass

We’re going to try something new here at PoP’s Fly Shop in 2017. Isn’t that exciting! What PoP, that’s me, has decided to do is: Provide a one-on-one online customer shopping experience. It’s never done, not done, and hasn’t been done in the fly world. But here’s how it works:

  • Contact PoP via e mail or phone and let PoP know what you are interested in purchasing
  • PoP will get back to you right away with several time options for the next step
  • You and PoP meet live via iChat in PoPs Fly Shop to purchase via video chat -whatever it is you are looking for. It’s that simple.


  • A phone or computer that allows you to video chat (PoP is all Apple by the way)
  • A debit or credit card
  • A shipping address

Unless there is some breakthrough, this will be your only way of buying the products available here at PoPs Fly Shop for the foreseeable future. And why the heck not? It’s a chance to step right up, and meet PoP in person (kind of) and browse the shop from anywhere in the world (you can choose your priority from those!).