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Custom Fly Rod Socks Always Available

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Just for reference: Pops Fly Shop makes all the Fly Rod Socks sold on this site. AND – Custom Fly Rod Socks are available by Contacting US. PoPs makes fly rod socks for two-piece rods, three-piece fly rods and if you are lucky enough to have a one-piece fly rod — we can make fly rod socks long and lean for your special one-piece fly rod!

When you do contact PoP about your custom fly rod sock, please give a color preference, whether it’s a salt or freshwater rod, and any other details that will help PoP fit your rod with his fly socks.

Custom rod socks are $5-dollars (usd) more typically stocked fly rods.

Bass O Matic Time

pop fly caught this largemouth bassIf you were waiting to buy great bass flies from Pop, now is the time to pull that trigger. Set it on auto and just squeeze. Things are a bit chaotic in the northern regions of Texas due to continuing cooler weather, but Pop has caught good old buckets on – Coyote Carp Flies – Seaducers – jiggy Clousers — just in the past few days.