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PoP Says, “Time to Tie Flies!”

fly tying usa flies #madeinusa

PoP is finally healthy again! At least healthy enough to tie a few flies for this spring’s fly fishing opportunities. I am gonna’ put together some new flies for sale this spring specifically for catching crappie and sand bass on fly. And guess what? They’re foolproof flies that make guaranteed better hook-up and landing ratios for you fly fishers who are tired of fish “getting off” your hooks.

You see, it’s not your fault fish come unbuttoned from your line. If fly fishing were easy, everybody would fly fish instead of conventional fish, right??? As difficult as fly fishing can be for many, why not make one aspect, one variable, easier by a long shot?

I take a simple pattern, the Clouser Minnow, and use unique hooks that will radically improve the number of fish you actually land after hooked.

Your Pop has already developed a tried and true fly for landing those hard to hold hybrids, and after years of experimentation, and years of success, I’m bringing a fly to those of you hooked on crappie and sand bass – that’ll be running very soon.

So look here for the flies that work on the fish you target this spring!!! Be on the lookout for the new “BassCrapp Clouser” coming in February 2016!

PoP Says Go Fishing!

You’re not going to believe this but a tiny fly like the Coyote Carp Fly can actually entice those big momma bass to bite! I’ve been out searching the carp action lately, and found a few big ol’ bass on beds. Well, sometimes I just have to irritate them a bit, and drop whatever is tied on – right in the love nest.

They always bite. It’s a tiny hook and I usually let them shake loose. They do a good job of shaking it off anyway! The moral of this story is: It doesn’t have to be a big nasty fly to catch big bass fish sometime.